Q: How can I become a member of Sukkur IBA University Alumni Association?

All Sukkur IBA University students automatically become members of Sukkur IBA University Alumni Association (SIBAUAA) upon graduation. Students who have completed degrees but are no longer registered at Sukkur IBA University Alumni Association may also become members upon request. Membership in the Sukkur IBA University Alumni Association is free..

Q: What are the benefits associated to Sukkur IBA University Alumni?
You can stay connected with Sukkur IBA University through a variety of services and benefits.
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Q: Can I become a member of Sukkur IBA University Alumni Association, if I have not graduated from Sukkur IBA?

No, it will not be possible for you to become a member then.

Q: In order to become a Sukkur IBA UNiversity Alumnus, one has to be a Sukkur IBA student first. Can bright young people with limited finances get admission in Sukkur IBA University?

Yes. If an individual meets the selection criteria of age, minimum qualification, grades etc. and clears  Sukkur IBA University aptitude test, he/she can get admission in  Sukkur IBA University, irrespective of his/her financial standing. Fee structure at Sukkur IBA University is reasonable, and is not as high as most of the other institutions, within and outside Pakistan. Sukkur IBA University also offers scholarships to deserving students.

Q: Can my company post job openings on the Sukkur IBA University Alumni Website?

Yes. You can email it to

Q: Am I still eligible to avail Placement Office services?

Yes, if you are Sukkur IBA University student or Alumnus, you can avail these services.
Please visit Career Development Center

Q: If my credentials change how can I update my profile on Sukkur IBA University Alumni Directory?

Just send an email to with your alumni I.D. number and the updated information.

Q: How can I get involved as a volunteer?
Volunteers play a vital role in supporting the interests and advancement of Sukkur IBA University Alumni Association and the university. Within the SIBAUAA, there are positions available for our volunteers/supporters.For more information about volunteering for the SIBAUAA, contact

Q: Is there a Homecoming or alumni get together program at Sukkur IBA University?
Please visit Alumni Events Calendar

Q:How can I make a donation? Can I donate online?

Yes, by giving to Sukkur IBA University you are joining a cadre of committed donors who are making a lasting impact. Giving is easy! You can support IBA Sukkur anytime.